Deck Cleaning

You just spent thousands of dollars to have your deck built, do you really want to hire a bargain priced company for deck cleaning? Or do you want the most experienced deck cleaning,roof cleaning and power washing company you can find?Before hiring a company for deck cleaning, Ask These 5 Questions!

1. How long have you performed deck cleaning?
Over 80% of companies that power wash deck furniture and other deck surfaces fail within their first five years of business due to bad planning, lawsuits or bad service.

2. Do you have proper training for deck cleaning?
Power washing decks isn’t as simple as most people think. Too much pressure can camage wood, force water behind siding!

3. Do you use professional grade cleaners that are designed for the surface you are cleaning?
Many contractors use home made recipes, bleach or other products from big box stores for power washing decks. The products can cause damage to the deck surface. Professional grade pressure washing products are designed to give better results and outperform products from local hardware stores. If your paying for quality service, you deserve to get the best products available!

4. What type of deck sealers do you use when you do deck cleaning, deck furniture and other wood surfaces?
Manufacturers spend millions of dollars a year to promote their products but they don’t tell you that linseed oil, (one of the most popular oils in deck sealers) is actually food for mildew! They also don’t say that surface coating agents which are usually found in hardware stores may actually allow problems to occure to the woods natural fibers.

5. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
Mass law requires anyone that seals decks or does any type of repairs to hold a Mass Home Improvement License. Unfortunately the MHIC does not require it for cleaning decks which is where most damage occurs. Insurance is your only protection so make sure they have it!